Tips on how to wear your Pashmina

A pashmina is a hugely versatile accessory, and here are a few tips and ideas on how to wear it.

One of the most common styles is to tie your pashmina into a 'Parisian Knot'. This simple knot is created by doubling the pashmina in half to make a loop half way along, pull the pashmina around your neck, and push the ends though the loop, letting them hang down at the front. A classic look stright off a movie set!

For a more casual look simply wrap your pashmina loosely around your neck leaving the ends hanging down at the front. This style looks great with t-shirt and jeans.

The next one is great for evenings when you are wearing a strappy top or dress and need something to keep the chill off and your shoulders warm. Drape your pashmina around your shoulders shawl style and tie it loosely at the front, or even leave it loose.

You can also wear your pashmina in the way you would wear a simple scarf; leave one end hanging down at the front, wrap it once around your neck and let the other end hang down at the back on the same side as the front end.

For a more adventurous look wear two contrasting pashminas together - first of all twist them together. This looks great with the Parisian knot described above.

Finally, you don't just have to wear it round your neck - try it around your waist sarong-style or as a headscarf in cold weather!

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